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Airlines Updates

Ethiopian Airlines: A Bright Future for a Growing Airline

October 16th 2017 4:56PM
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-based Ethiopian Airlines, however, has begun to thrive in recent years operating out of a single hub – Bole International Airport ...

ATSB investigate unprecedented level of incidents involving AirAsia Group airlines

October 16th 2017 3:26PM
Australia's crash investigator is looking into an unprecedented seven incidents involving Air-Asia Group airlines in the past 20 months. Three of the ...

American Airlines Pilot Ejects Passenger

October 16th 2017 2:30PM
American Airlines is taking their turn in the barrel over an incident last week where a pilot intervened to have a passenger removed. Prior to boarding ...

Monarch collapse: owners have 'moral obligation to contribute' to airlift costs

October 16th 2017 1:45PM
Next time an airline collapses, the taxpayer may once again pick up the bill for bringing passengers home, the Transport Secretary has said.

The Free Meal, Long Gone, Returns on Some Airlines

October 16th 2017 1:11PM
The airlines stopped offering it on domestic flights more than a decade ago, along with other amenities that once made air travel an adventure rather ...

Activist Accuses American Airlines of Discrimination

October 16th 2017 12:48PM
American Airlines ticket counter PHOTO: Women's March on Washington co-chair Tamika Mallory is seeking answers from American Airlines.

Activist kicked off American Airlines flight, alleges 'white male aggression'

October 16th 2017 12:37PM
An American Airlines spokesman said the Fort Worth-based carrier is taking the allegation seriously and has spoken to all involved, including Mallory.

American Airlines pilot kicked her off flight "to assert his white male power," Women's March ...

October 16th 2017 12:26PM
Tamika Mallory, a prominent activist who co-chaired the Women's March on Washington, accused an American Airlines pilot of racial discrimination ...

An American Airlines Pilot Threw a Women's March Activist Off a Flight and She Thinks She Knows ...

October 16th 2017 12:26PM
She wondered why and, she says, the American Airlines employee responded in a tone that was "nasty" and "disrespectful." Still, she says she was ...

Ethiopian and ASKY Airlines assures agencies of its support

October 16th 2017 12:26PM
Accra, Oct. 16, GNA – The Ethiopian Airlines in collaboration ASKY Airlines on Monday assured its traveling and tour agencies of its support in ...

United Airlines flies Cubs from DC to LA in unexpectedly dramatic fashion

October 16th 2017 11:30AM
Indeed, there was high drama aplenty aboard the United Airlines chartered Boeing 767 in the very wee hours of Friday morning as the plane carried ...

Austrian Airlines to hire 100 airberlin pilots

October 16th 2017 11:30AM
Austrian Airlines is looking for about 100 new pilots and is making a special offer to the insolvent airberlin pilots to work at the Lufthansa subsidiary's ...

United Airlines boosting basketball in China with help from Golden State Warriors

October 16th 2017 11:07AM
United Airlines is helping promote basketball in China, where the airline is trying to convince tens of millions of residents to fly United to the United ...

He was asked to fix a bankrupt airline. Instead, he changed the way we fly

October 16th 2017 11:07AM
I had just finished that when the governor of Arizona called and said, “Our local airline, America West Airlines, is in bankruptcy, the creditors have filed ...

What airlines can learn from smart marketers about the customer experience

October 16th 2017 10:56AM
The airline industry has been hit with some highly public complaints over the past few months. Columnist Evan Magliocca discusses how airlines are ...

Middle East airlines to spend $600 billion on new planes by 2036

October 16th 2017 10:45AM
Middle East airlines will spend around US$600 billion on new aircraft in the next 20 years, amid projections that the fleet size of the regions' carriers ...

Delta Air Lines Reduces Its Debt: Can It Lower It Even More?

October 16th 2017 10:38AM
At the start of 2017, Delta Air Lines (DAL) raised its debt by ~$2.0 billion in order to reduce its pension plan liability. Although that would reduce Delta's ...

Delta Air Lines' Valuation Multiple: What's Priced In?

October 16th 2017 10:38AM
Delta Air Lines (DAL) has a forward EV-to-EBITDA (enterprise value to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) multiple of 5.6x.

Delta Air Lines: Operational Performance for 2017

October 16th 2017 10:38AM
Delta Air Lines' (DAL) average traffic increased 3.4% YoY (year-over-year) to 61.0 million passenger miles for 3Q17. For the first nine months of 2017, ...

Delta Air Lines Increased Dividend Payout in 3Q17

October 16th 2017 10:38AM
Delta Air Lines (DAL) increased its dividend payout 50.0% in 3Q17, resulting in ~$0.31 dividend per share. At that rate, DAL has an indicated dividend ...